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Dr. Ndjido Ardo Kane, former Director of ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal

Ndjido Ardo Kane, ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal

Geneticist and plant molecular biologist, Dr. Kane’s research in Canada led to key contributions in deciphering the genetic basis of vernalization in wheat, as recognized by the Faculty of 1000 Biology in 2003. He worked for the agroindustry and holds a US patent on reducing the negative effects of tobacco in human health. In his home country of Senegal, he coordinated the Agrobiodiversity Management and Biotechnology program. Lately, he uses genomics tools to identify traits governing crop performance in response to climate change. Codirector of an international joint lab (LAPSE), Director of ISRA/CERAAS, the lead center of the ECOWAS Regional Center of Excellence for Dry Cereals and Associated Crops, he is also the author of numerous publications.

Dr. Daniel Foncéka, Geneticist, CIRAD & ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal

Daniel Foncéka, CIRAD, France; ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal

Dr. Foncéka is a researcher working for CIRAD, France. He is outposted at ISRA/CERAAS, where he focuses on the genetic improvement of cultivated peanut varieties through the exploitation of wild species’ genomes. Dr. Foncéka has developed several permanent interspecific populations that are used to map QTLs for important agronomic traits. He is also deploying GWAS to mine alleles for drought tolerance in the cultivated germplasm. Dr. Foncéka served as Scientific Coordinator at ISRA/CERAAS and has contributed to its acknowledgement as a center of excellence on dryland crops for West and Central Africa. Additionally, he leads a network of crop scientists called Innovation and Plant Improvement in West Africa (IAVAO, French acronym for Innovation et Amélioration Variétale en Afrique de l’Ouest).

Dr. Timothy J. Dalton, Agricultural Economist and Director of the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Collaborative Research on Sorghum and Millet (SMIL), Kansas State University, USA

Timothy J. Dalton, Kansas State University, USA

Dr. Dalton is a Professor of International Agricultural Development in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, USA. With over 25 years of experience in ex-post and ex-ante assessment of new agricultural and food technologies in Africa, Asia, and the United States, he studies how new varieties of sorghum, rice, and maize affect food system productivity, production risk management, and consumer nutrition. He received a B.A. from Columbia University, an M.S. from the University of Illinois, and a PhD. from Purdue University. He is the author or coauthor on over 50 peer-reviewed publications and has received more than US$37 million in competitive research funding from state, federal, industry, and foundation sources.

Managing editors

Dr. Khady Nani Dramé, ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal

Dr. Benjamin E. Kohl, Kansas State University, USA

Chapter authors

Michael D. Abrouk, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
Enoch G. Achigan-Dako, University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin
Wafa Achouak, Aix-Marseille Université BIAM/LEMIRE, France
Myriam Adam, CIRAD, France
Charlotte O.A. Adje, University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin
Joseph Adjebeng-Danquah, CSIR-SARI, Ghana
Hanin Ibrahim Ahmed, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
Louise Akanvou, CNRA, Côte d’Ivoire
Amidou Assima, Michigan State University, USA
Jonathan A. Atkinson, University of Nottingham, UK
Alain Audebert, CIRAD, France & ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal
Yacoubou Bakasso, University Abdou Moumouni, Niger
Adeline Barnaud, IRD, France
Mamadou Billo Barry, IRAG, Guinea
Malcolm J. Bennett, University of Nottingham, UK
Ezenwoko Benson, University of Nottingham, UK
Cécile Berthouly-Salazar, IRD, France
Gregory Beurrier, CIRAD, France
Rahul Bhosale, University of Nottingham, UK
Claire Billot, CIRAD, France
Amy Bodian, ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal
James Burridge, IRD, France
François Joseph Cabral, Cheikh Anta DIOP University of Dakar, Senegal
Ndiaga Cissé, ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal
Frederic Cossic, Syngenta, France
Flakoro Coulibaly, IER-CRRA-Sotuba, Mali
Laurent Cournac, IRD, France
Philippe Cubry, IRD, France
Timothy J. Dalton, Kansas State University, USA
Fabrice Davrieux, CIRAD-Réunion, France
Joseph Dembele, Cheikh Anta DIOP University of Dakar, Senegal & ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal
Yacouba Dembélé, IER-CRRA-Sotuba, Mali
Djiby Dia, ISRA/BAME, Senegal
Oumar Diack, ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal
Pape Bilal Diakhate, Cheikh Anta DIOP University of Dakar, Senegal & ISRA/BAME, Senegal
Mahamadou Diakité, IER-CRRA-Sotuba, Mali
Mouhamadou Moussa Diangar, ISRA/CNRA, Senegal
Yagouba Diao, ISRA/CNRA, Senegal
Cyril Diatta, ISRA/CNRA, Senegal
Aiché Traoré dite Diop, IER-CRRA-Sotuba, Mali
Diaga Diouf, Cheikh Anta DIOP University of Dakar, Senegal
Gualbert Seraphin Dorego, ISRA/CNRA, Senegal
Mohamed Doumbia, IER-CRRA-Sotuba, Mali
Demba Dramé, Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar & ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal
Cheikh Sadibou Fall, ISRA/BAME, Senegal
Safiétou Tooli Fall, Colorado State University, USA & ISRA/CNRA, Senegal & ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal
Awa Faye, ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal
Issa Faye, ISRA/CNRA, Senegal
Jacques Martin Faye, ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal
Geneviève Fliedel, CIRAD, France
Amadou Fofana, ISRA/CNRA, Senegal
Daniel Foncéka, CIRAD, France & ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal
Boubacar Gano, Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar, Senegal & ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal
Alexandre Grondin, IRD, Senegal & ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal
Mame Codou Gueye, ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal
Badara Guèye, IITA, Nigeria
Diarah Guindo, IER-CRRA-Sotuba, Mali & CIRAD, France
Aliou Guissé, Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar, Senegal
Baptiste Guitton, CIRAD, France & International Plant Selection, France
Steve Haggblade, Michigan State University, USA
Hamza Haider, Michigan State University, USA
Thierry Heulin, Aix-Marseille Université BIAM/LEMIRE, France
Manzamasso Hodjo, Kansas State University, USA
Abdou R. Ibrahim Bio Yerima, University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin
Dylan H. Jones, University of Nottingham, UK
Amadou Ka, ISRA/CNRA, Senegal
Ndjido Ardo Kane, ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal
Mahamady Kané, IER-CRRA-Sotuba, Mali
Ghislain Kanfany, ISRA/CNRA, Senegal
Mamoutou Kouressy, IER-CRRA-Sotuba, Mali
Simon G. Krattinger, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
Laurent Laplaze, IRD, France
Denis Lespinasse, Syngenta, France
Delphine Luquet, CIRAD, France
Fanna Maina, INRAN, Niger
Modou Mbaye, ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal
Christian Mestres, CIRAD, France
Geoffrey P. Morris, Colorado State University, USA
Bertrand Muller, CIRAD, Madagascar
Tebila Nakelse, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, UK
Malick Ndiaye, ISRA/CNRA, Senegal
Adama Ndour, ICRISAT, Mali
Papa Mamadou Sitor Ndour, IRD, Senegal
Ousmane Ndoye, CORAF, Senegal
Mor Ngom, Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar, Senegal & ISRA/BAME, Senegal
Happiness Oselebe, Ebonyi State University, Nigeria
Tony Pridmore, University of Nottingham, UK
Michel Ragot, Syngenta, France & Nouvelle France Genetics, USA
Jean-Francois Rami, CIRAD, France
Delphine Renard, CEFE/CNRS, France
Sani Saidou, University of Diffa, Niger
Dramane Sako, IER-CRRA-Sotuba, Mali
Moussa Sall, ISRA/BAME, Senegal
Diariétou Sambakhé, ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal
Aissatou Sambou, ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal
Sekouba Sanogo, IER-CRRA-Sotuba, Mali
Awa Sarr, Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar, Senegal & ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal
Thierno Sarr, Gaston Berger University, Senegal
Emmanuel Sekloka, University of Parakou, Benin
Desalegn D. Serba, USDA, USA
Maguette Seye, ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal
Bassirou Sine, ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal
Aliou Sissoko, IER-CRRA-Sotuba, Mali
Salifou Sissoko, IER-CRRA-Sotuba, Mali
Melinda Smale, Michigan State University, USA
Ousmane Sy, ISRA/CNRA, Senegal
Mohamed Lamine Tekete, IER-CRRA-Sotuba, Mali
Niaba Teme, IER-CRRA-Sotuba, Mali
Korotimi Théra, IER-CRRA-Sotuba, Mali
Veronique Theriault, Michigan State University, USA
Anne-Céline Thuillet, IRD, France
Hodo-Abalo Tossim, ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal
Edak Aniedi Uyoh, University of Calabar, Nigeria
Vincent Vadez, IRD, Senegal & ISRA/CERAAS, Senegal
Michel Vaksmann, CIRAD, France & UMR-AGAP, France
Yves Vigouroux, IRD, France
Tatiana Krasova Wade, IRD, Senegal
Darren M. Wells, University of Nottingham, UK
Ankounidjou Yebedié, IER-CRRA-Sotuba, Mali


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