1 Production and Consumption Trends of Dryland Staples in CORAF Nations



Sorghum, pearl millet, fonio, cowpeas, groundnuts, and livestock form the backbone of the agricultural economy in semiarid regions of West and Central Africa. This chapter presents descriptive statistics on the production, consumption, and trade of five commodities that are the mandate crops of the CORAF regional research center of excellence, Centre d’étude régional pour l’amélioration de l’adaptation à la sécheresse (CERAAS). Over the past decade, changes in the total production of these crops have been driven by land extensification at rates that are two to three times yield growth rates. While the consumption of dryland cereal crops has decreased in most nations, consistent with economic theory, evidence on groundnuts indicates increasing per capita consumption. Very limited quantities of all crops are formally traded across borders, with the exception of groundnuts, which is an important export crop in Senegal. Sorghum, pearl millet, fonio, cowpeas, and groundnuts play critical roles in the food economy of the CORAF region through the supply of calories and proteins to local populations. Strategies to increase the productivity of these crops will be beneficial in different ways to consumers and producers.

Keywords: production, consumption, trade, drylands staples, CORAF

Figure 12

Geographic map of Cowpea Consumption in 2019 in West Africa. Map is color coded with dark green showing Burkina Faso & Niger with more than 25 Kg/Person.
Figure 12 – Cowpea Consumption in 2019
Table 1
Annualized Growth Rates Estimated by a Log-Linear Regression (%/year)
Indicator Sorghum Millet Fonio Groundnuts Cowpea
Production 2.16 1.70 2.60 1.98 4.29
Acreage 1.42 1.18 2.20 1.26 2.60
Yield 0.59 0.62 0.72 0.52 1.85
Consumption -0.40 -0.81 * 0.71 *


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