From Professor Randall K. Nichols:

I dedicate this book to All USA serving and retired military personnel, USA Coast Guard, and federal and state law enforcement for keeping our blessed country safe; to my Angel wife of 38 years, Montine, and children Robin, Kent, Phillip (USA Army), Diana (USA Army), and Michelle who have lived with a Dragon and survived; to our newest family member Kira Nichols (Phillip’s wife); and finally, to all my students (over 50 years ~10,000 Dragons / Dragonesses in the field) who are securing our blessed United States from terrorism and evil.

In addition, in 2017, 17 sailors died because of two separate collisions involving US Navy warships in the South China Seas, the USS Fitzgerald and the USS John S. McCain. In my professional opinion, the US Navy’s official response was insufficient as to real causes. Since 2017, I have dedicated my research to giving purpose, closure, truth, and voice to the families of these Honorable sailors. God grant them peace.

I dedicate my writing to the Ukrainian people suffering and fighting with such bravery against overwhelming Russian savagery in a war they did not choose.

Lastly, my deepest gratitude to my wonderful, talented Wildcat writing team. It has been a real Honor. My chapter on this earth is closing, and I have been truly blessed to work with you. My cup runneth over.


From Dr. Suzanne Sincavage:

I want to dedicate my research to the men and women who are devoted to biodefense intelligence and the non-proliferation of WMDs; To Professor Randall Nichols for his leadership, mentorship, integrity, and significant contributions to the field of unmanned systems, I’m honored to be a part of your amazing team; To my sons Trevor Muehlfelder, Cole Muehlfelder and David Sincavage III for their loving encouragement and support; To Dr. Steve Herrick, who changed the trajectory of my life, To Candice Carter, a true friend and co-author, her devotion to biodefense research are invaluable; and  Brenda A. Andrews, renowned art professor and colleague for her insights and support in transforming the digitization of data into visual art forms.


From Dr. Hans C.  Mumm:

I dedicate this work to my students and colleagues and all those innovators, those dreamers who race against time as they create an ever-changing and evolving future in ways that we cannot even imagine today. Your dedication to the field of autonomous systems will bring about positive change to the world landscape and humankind.


From Wayne D. Lonstein:

I dedicate this work to my wife and best friend Julie, my sons Ethan, Ari, Sam, extended family and co-workers, and co-authors from whom I have learned so much. To all those brave souls who have made the ultimate sacrifice serving this nation and those who have, are, or will serve in our armed forces, police, fire, and other emergency functions and their families who silently sacrifice. May our work in some way help you perform your duties more effectively and safely, and through your service, may the world become a more peaceful and harmonious place for all.


From Dr. Julie J. C. H. Ryan:

I dedicate this work to my husband, Dan, and my students, who have taught me so much.


From Candice Carter: 

I dedicate this work to an exceptional leader, mentor, and master of Bushido, Professor Randall Nichols. His commitment to training dragons to succeed in asymmetric warfare and life is unprecedented. I am honored to be a lifetime dragoness trained by the master of Nito Ichi Ryu Ni To.


From CPT John-Paul Hood: 

I dedicate this work to my loving and supportive wife, Katie, my two daughters, Evelyn and Gwendolyn, and my extended family. They continue to support me through this journey. Thank you for your love, encouragement, and presence in my life.


From Mark J. Jackson:

I dedicate my chapter to my wife, Deborah, and the memory of my great-uncle, Captain George Richards, a founding officer of the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers of the British Army. After initially serving in the British Expeditionary Force (Royal Engineers) in France from 1940 – to 1941, he quickly rose through the ranks, promoted to captain in 1942, initially serving as an officer in the Royal Engineers, then transferred to the newly formed Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers specializing in the construction of Bailey bridges in North Africa. Captured in Libya by the German Afrika Corps, he became a prisoner-of-war at Oflag IV located in Colditz, Germany.  After demobilization, he became a chartered mechanical engineer working for Imperial Chemical Industries but continued to build model Bailey bridges with his children and nephews. 


From Randall W. Mai:

I dedicate my work to my late mother, Dorothy M. Thrasher, and my two daughters, Courtney J. Oswald and Katherine M. Mai.  My mother’s never-ending support and care kept me going.  She was my biggest cheerleader.  Without her encouragement, my life would have taken a much different trajectory.  My daughters impacted my life, and now my heart will forever walk around outside me.  They are my true mark on this world.  I hope they will always believe in themselves and know they can accomplish whatever they set their minds on. My family has grown. To my blessed group comes a granddaughter, Olivia Jeannine Oswald. My cup runneth over.   And lastly, Professor Nichols has become a valued mentor and true friend.  He has helped me establish balance and pulled from me accomplishments I never thought possible.  Thank you, Professor Nichols.


From Bart Shields:

I dedicate this book to my five children, Kyle, Tiffany, Taylor, Terra, and Marysia, and my wife, Hanna, and my mother, Pam, for allowing me to pursue my dreams and the sacrifice they all made as a consequence of that.  They are all incredibly important to me, and I hope they know that.  I could not have done any of this without them.  It has been long and difficult, and unfortunately, I am still in transition, but thankfully, it will be ending soon.


From Robert McCreight:

I dedicate my chapter to all US service personnel who fought in, or supported, combat operations with unflagging thanks to their families for the sacrifice that cannot be measured. Honorable military service must be acknowledged and respected as a tireless effort to keep our nation safe and secure tomorrow’s peace as a sacred duty.

There are sincere thanks to serious professional and dedicated members of law enforcement whose daily routine involves our first line of domestic security and societal stability.  These unselfish warriors and police never get the full thanks and gratitude they genuinely deserve. Thanks, and a salute from a grateful nation. 


From Mike Monnik:

I dedicate this work to my team, who give me purpose and fulfillment. I thank my wife Fedora for her infinite trust and Dr. Lei Pan for his guidance and wisdom. The coming years will be a stark reminder of our work in this field and for that, I have the utmost appreciation for Professor Nichols and his vision. Finally, to all DroneSec customers who live and breathe this problem set on a daily basis – you are writing the future.


From William Slofer:

I would like to give thanks to God for giving my parents the wisdom and discernment to consistently send me to the library to find answers to my endless parade of questions they could not answer.  I also want to give a special thanks to my daughter who continued to encourage me through my journey as a life-long learner and the few friends that have been by my side through thick and thin.  That support and encouragement has truly made the difference.

Thank you one and all.