Table of Tables

  1. Drone Capabilities to Deliver Weapons of Mass Destruction / Disruption (WMDD) -Global Perspective

Table 1.1 Timeline of drones and their uses

  1. Biological Weapons

Table 3.1 Biological Agents That Can Be Used In Biological Warfare

  1. Nuclear Weapons

Table 5.1 Limits On Start, Moscow Treaty, And New Start 

  1. Deception 

Table 7.1 characteristics of emergency behavior

Table 7.2 three perspectives on deception

Table 7.3 Deception maxims

Table 7.4 Deception

Table 7.5 Categories of Deception Channels and Methods

Table 7.6  Representative CNO Deceptive Operations

Table 7.7 Standard Taxonomy of Representative Electromagnetic (EM) Deception Techniques 

  1. DEW Primer 

Table 8.1 Battlespace Dimensions

Table 8.2 Thermal Properties of Common Materials

Table 8.3 Energy losses in Propagation

9. DE Weapons, Projectiles, Damage

Table 9.1 Parameters affecting Target Response and Damage

Table 9.2 Kinetic Energy Required for a 7.62 mm Projectile to Penetrate Targets

11. DE Weapons, Microwaves

Table 11.1 shows several environments and the typical ranges in the ARDRONIS system.

Table 11.2 Typical Jamming Ranges

  1. Hypersonic Drone Missiles

12.1 Comparison of the various aircraft and speed ranges in the sound spectrum

12.2 Speed, time, and distance comparisons at various Mach speeds from 1-30 and times to cover 1000 miles

12.3 Melting temperatures of 10 common metals.

12.4 Melting Points for Critical Electronic Components

12.5 Listing of countries with their hypersonic devices and associated speeds and distances

12.6 Steps and times from observation to launch decision for incoming ballistic missile

  1. Acoustic Weapons 

Table 13.1: Principal Physical Properties 

  1. Cyber Weapons and CBRNE 

Table 15.1 Automation Levels

Table 15.2 UAS Collaboration

Table 15.3 Cyber-attacks by area of CBRNE

Table 15.4 Cyber Attack Scenarios by Area in CBRNE

  1. Practical Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Using Autonomous Systems

Table 18.1. Pros and Cons of UGVs supporting CSI environments

Table 18.2. Pros and Cons of UAS in a CSI environment 

  1. Navigation Spoofing and ECD

Table 19.1 & 19.2 Effectiveness Criteria

  1. Tools of The Trade

Table 21.1 Important Data Points for Collection