Books such as this are the products of contributions by many people, not just the authors’ musings. Drone delivery of CBNRECY – DEW Weapons Emerging Threats Of Mini-Weapons Of Mass Destruction And Disruption (WMDD) (R. K. Nichols & et al., 2022) has benefited from the review of numerous experts in the field, who gave generously of their time and expertise. In addition to named subject matter experts, this book was reviewed by sources in the two federal agencies who must remain anonymous and by export / procedural / security /OVRP committees at KSU. Their contributions were especially helpful in not releasing protected information, CLASSIFIED, or “DEEMED EXPORTABLE” categories. We will name only a few and miss some special friends whose contributions were noteworthy. For this, we sincerely apologize in advance and beg their forgiveness.

There are many people we would like to shout out a special thank you for your guidance, continued support and experience from Kansas State University / Kansas State University Aerospace and Technology Campus (AT) – Salina, Kansas (KSU-AT): Dr. Richard Myers, retiring President KSU; Dr. Kurt C. Barnhart, prior Associate Dean of Research and Executive Director of the UAS Research Laboratory KSU-AT; Dr. Alysia Starkey, Dean & CEO of KSU-AT; Dr. Terri Gaeddert, Associate Dean for Academics & Success (AT); Professor Troy Harding, Director of Academics, School of Integrated Studies (SIS) KSU-AT; Dr. Donald V. Bergen, prior Director of Graduate Studies KSU-AT; Fred Guzek, Professor and current Director of Graduate Studies KSU-AT; Dr. Kurt Caraway, Executive Director UAS, Dr. Mark J. Jackson, Professor, SIS KSU-AT; Dr. Saeed Khan, Professor, SIS KSU-AT;  Dr. Mark J. Pritchard, Sr., Dr. Katherine Jones, KSU-AT Research and Library;  Dr. Emily Finch at New Prairie Press and Pressbooks, Joel Anderson, KSU OVPR and Research Director; and Brenda Andrews, Visual Communications Specialist.

We had some wonderful outside SMEs to bounce ideas off and get our heads straight. They include Dr. Donald Rebovich, Professor Emeritus, and SME in Fraud and Identity Theft, Utica College; Professor of Practice and  Cybersecurity Director, Joe Giordano, Utica College; Professor Harold B. Massey, Executive Director of UAS Drone Port, UAS Pilot, Dr. Amit K Maitra, Chairman and Founder of Borders and Beyond, Inc.; Dr. Jeff Bardin, President of Treadstone 71, a superior intelligence firm; Richard Lescalleet, VP Sales & marketing, Airship Technologies Group; Dr. Julie J.C.H. Ryan, SME in Intelligence and INFOSEC plus previous Wildcat author; and Dr. Dan J. Ryan, experienced SME / lawyer in intelligence, cryptography, and global defenses.

We owe a gratitude to Phillip E. Nielsen, author of Effects of Directed Energy Weapons, for guidance in Chapters 8 & 9. (Nielsen, 1994). Similarly, we thank Dr. Manual Eichelberger for his brilliant solutions to spoofing attacks on GPS and aircraft signals in his textbook Robust Global Localization Using GPS and Aircraft Signals. (Eichelberger, 2019)

No one could be prouder of the textbooks that my KSU Wildcat team has produced between 2018-and 2022. (Nichols & Mumm, Unmanned Aircraft Systems in the Cyber Domain, 2nd Edition., 2019) (Nichols & Sincavage, Disruptive Technologies with Applications in Airline, Marine, and Defense Industries, 2021) Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems Technologies & Operations. 2020) (Unmanned Vehicle Systems & Operations on Air, Sea & Land.2021) (Nichols, R. K., & Mumm, H. C. (2019) Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in the Cyber Domain 2018)

Next comes our expanded Wildcat writing team: Dr. Suzanne Sincavage, Co-Chair of the Foundation for Biodefense Research, which is devoted and dedicated to promoting the biodefense intelligence tradecraft and developing a stronger biodefense community with government, industry, academia professional organizations;  Dr. Julie J. C. H. Ryan, CEO, Wyndrose Technical Group, is hands down the best subject matter expert (SME) in the Information Security field; Dr. Hans C. Mumm is a leadership expert and UAS weapons – a lethal combination; Dr. Wayne C. Lonstein, Esq., a previous Dragon (Nichols’ student) has gained recognition (licenses and certifications) in both law and cybersecurity as well as heads up his legal firm; Professor Candice C. Carter, a Dragoness who is the creator of a cybersecurity program at Wilmington University and travels globally closing specialized cybersecurity breaches in major corporations. Capt. John Paul Hood, US Army, (our military adviser and previous Dragon) joined us to help us understand the intricacies of military C-UAS (non-classified) applications; Randall Mai, Research Technologist for KSU, a Dragon convert with years of experience in the UAS field operations; Dr. Mark Jackson, SME in UUV, naval architecture,  and nanotechnologies, MSgt Jeremy Shay, Dragon student, COVID-19 expert, RET USAF, Fabrication Production Manager, Spirit AeroSystems; Joel Coulter, President, Mobile Sciences Consortium, LLC; Bart Shields, Inventor and CTO of Olympus Sky, Inc; Mike Monnik, CEO of DRONESEC and his XO Arison Neo; Robert McCreight, a specialist in US Army Special Operations and National Security Expert in Defense programs associated with nuclear and biological defense matters; and William Slofer, Dragon and SME in radar and Hypersonic technologies. We were fortunate to have Brenda Andrews build our cover image with Dr. Sincavage and Professor Carter. Brenda is CEO of Ikonology Studios and an incredibly talented artist. Many others have helped our team write this important book. We appreciate all of their contributions.

The Wildcat team especially thanks Assistant Professor Dr. Emily Finch, Scholarly Communication Librarian, for her expert guidance on the New Prairie Press and Pressbooks publishing journey.

Professor Randall K. Nichols is Managing Editor/author/co-author with his Wildcat Team of twelve textbooks and developer of six master’s and Certificate programs in Cybersecurity, Intelligence, Forensics, and UAS/CUAS/UUV at Utica College and Kansas State University. He has five decades of experience.

Finally, Mrs. Montine Nichols, my God-given Angel of 38 years, deserves a commendation for her help on the final drafts and copy edit work for our book and a living (surviving) this long with a real Dragon who hardly sleeps.



Randall K Nichols, DTM
Professor of Practice
NIST PSCR UAS 3.0 Technical Lead – Cyber Challenge
ASSURE44 KSU UAS – Cybersecurity Technical Lead
Director, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) – Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate Program
Managing Editor / Author / Co-Author of UAS/CUAS/UUV Textbook Series
Kansas State University Aerospace & Technology Campus, Salina, KS  &
Professor Emeritus – Graduate Cybersecurity & Forensics, Utica College




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