Table of Tables

SECTION 1:  Counter-UAS (C-UAS) Operations as a Concept

Chapter 1: The Role of Information Technology


Table 1-1 UAS, C-UAS and CC-UAS Operations Relationships


SECTION 2:  C-UAS Technologies and Processes


Chapter 4: Planning for Resiliency and Robustness


Table 4-1 Summary of Resiliency and Robustness

Table 4-2 Attributes v Time


Chapter 5: Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Table 5-1 Drone Capability Diversity

Table 5-2 Threat Detection Tools

Table 5-3 Airspace and Altitude Definitions

Table 5-4 UAVs Classification According to U.S. DoD

Table 5-5 NATO UAS Classification


Chapter 9: Non- Kinetic: Military Avionics, EW, CW, DE, SCADA Defenses


Table 9-1 MPA Roles and Tasks

Table 9-2 Typical Maritime Patrol Aircraft Platform Architecture

Table 9-3 Battlespace Dimensions

Table 9-4 Thermal Properties of Common Materials

Table 9-5 Energy losses in Propagation

Table 9-6 UAS Automation Scale

Table 9-7 UAS Collaboration

Table 9-8 Commercial sUAS Parameters

Table 9-9 Typical Sensor Coordinate Systems

Table 9-10 Standard Sensor Parameters

Table 9-11 Common components found in UAS autopilots

Table 9-12 SCADA Functions

Table 9-13 Examples of SCADA Design Vulnerabilities

Table 9-14 Common Attack Vectors

Table 9-15 Types of Jamming






SECTION 3:  Counter C-UAS



Chapter 10: When the Other Side Fights Back – Cyberwarfare, Direct Energy Weapons, Acoustics, Integrating  C-UAS into Planning


Table 10-1 Comparison of EW and CW Functions in legacy terms

Table 10-2 Parameters , Units affecting Target Response and Damage

Table 10-3 Quantities Used to Characterize Particle Beams (PB)



SECTION 4:  Legal and Administrative Issues


Chapter 12: C-UAS Regulation, Legislation & Litigation from A Global Perspective


Table 12-1 C-UAS Federal Laws

Table 12-2 C-UAS State Laws

Table 12-3 C-UAS Laws United Kingdom, Russian Federation, Australia



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