From: Professor Randall K. Nichols

I dedicate this book to three groups: All USA serving and retired military personnel, US Coast Guard and federal and state law enforcement and to our fallen comrades for keeping our country safe; to my Angel wife of 36 years, Montine, and children Robin, Kent, Phillip (US Army), Diana (US Army), and Michelle who have lived with a Dragon and survived; and finally, to all my students (over 50 years) who are securing our blessed United States from terrorism.

From: Dr. Hans C.  Mumm

I dedicate this work to my students and colleagues and all those innovators; those dreamers that race against time as they create a future that is ever changing and evolving in ways that we cannot even imagine today. Your dedication to the field of autonomous systems will bring about positive change to the world landscape and humankind.

From: Wayne D. Lonstein

I dedicate this work to my wife and best friend Julie, my sons Ethan, Ari and Sam as well as my extended family and co-workers and my co-authors from whom I have learned so much. To all those brave souls who have made the ultimate sacrifice serving this nation, as well as those who have, are or will serve in our armed forces, police, fire and other emergency functions and their families who silently sacrifice. May our work in some way help you perform your duties more effectively and safely and through your service may the world becomes a more peaceful and harmonious place for all.

From: Dr. Julie J. C. H. Ryan

I dedicate this work to my husband Dan and to my students, who have taught me so very, very much.

From: Candice Carter:

I dedicate this work to an exceptional leader, mentor, and master of Bushido; Professor Randall Nichols. His commitment to training dragons to be successful in asymmetric warfare and in life is unprecedented. I am honored to be a lifetime dragoness trained by the master of Nito Ichi Ryu Ni To.

From: CPT John-Paul Hood:

I dedicate this work to my loving and supportive wife Katie, my two daughters Evelyn and Gwendelyn as well as my extended family whom continue to support me through this journey. Thank you for your love, encouragement and presence in my life.



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