Table of Tables

  1. Propulsion and Fuels: Disruptive Technologies for Submersible Craft Including UUVs [Jackson]
  2. Automation & Human-Machine Symbiosis [Mumm]
  3. UAS Regulation /Innovation /Safety 2020 / Privacy and Beyond [Hood]
  4. UUVs, Advanced Sensors, Munitions Detection, USVs [Nichols]

4.1 Performance Objectives for the BOSS Sensors

4.2 Performance Objectives for the RTG Sensors

  1. Challenging the Ammo Companies from Grass Roots [Mai]

5.1 Listen to the Manufacturer’s

  1. Future Proof Security [Shields]

6.1 Differences between Traditional IT Security and IACS Security

  1. Failure of Climate Change [Nichols]

7.1 Expanding the “consensus” broadly

7.2 The Goldilocks effect.

7.3 The Fujita tornado scale

  1. Nightmare Technologies [Nichols]
  2. Social Media – The Next Battleground in Information Warfare [Lonstein]
  3. Bioterrorism and Advanced Sensors [Sincavage & Carter]


10.1 Comparison of Biological Agent Characteristics (Burke, 2017)

10.2 Lethality of Selected Toxins and Chemical Agents in Laboratory Mice (Burke, 2017)

10.3 Comparison of Chemical Agents and Toxins (Burke, 2017)

10.4 Comparison of Chemical Nerve Agent, Botulinum Toxin, and Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B Intoxication following Inhalation Exposure  (Burke, 2017)

10.5 Biological Threat Agents as a function of global development / use (Clare E. Rowland, October 2016)