Table of Figures

1: Propulsion and Fuels: Disruptive Technologies for Submersible Craft Including UUVs [Jackson]


Figure 1.1 Boeing Echo Voyager XLUUV. Courtesy of Boeing (

Figure 1.2 Cross section of a typical gas turbine engine. Courtesy of Tilyudai and reused under license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Figure 1.3 Submarine battery cell. Courtesy of Jamie Sanford and used with permission under license CC BY-NC 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Figure 1.4 Fuel cell. Courtesy of Argonne National Laboratory (license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0). To view a copy of this license, visit

Figure 1.5 Jackson hull-form geometry. [Adapted from Open Clipart Vectors by pixabay




  1. Automation & Human-Machine Symbiosis [Mumm]


Figure 2.1 Robot and Human Connecting

Figure 2.2 Mr. Trash Wheel

Figure 2.3 Neuralink Interface Process

Figure 2.4 Stentrode device compared to a matchstick

Figure 2.5 Mind-Controlled Troops Connected to Weapons Systems

Figure 2.6 Mockup of U.S. SOCOM’s TALOS suit

Figure 2.7 The Thunderchild

Figure 2.8 MAS

Figure 2.9 Boeing Echo Voyager Extra-Large Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (XLUUV)

Figure 2.10 Diagram illustrating the Terradepth system

Figure 2.11 Electric Narco-Submarine

Figure 2.12 VSR 700 OPV

Figure 2.13 Boeing Unmanned Passenger Aircraft

Figure 2.14 A350-1000 Pilotless Commercial Aircraft

Figure 2.15 Ion Thruster Rendering



  1. UAS Regulation / Innovation / Safety 2020 / Privacy and Beyond [Hood]


Figure 3.1  Embry-Riddle drone ready to fly by Scott burgess, Embry-Riddle aeronautical university.

Figure 3.2 El Paso, Texas – November 20: DroneUp pilot Andrew Holbert prepares to launch a drone to deliver a covid-19 self-collection test kit to a home, after being ordered from Walmart by a resident, amid a covid-19 surge on November 20, 2020 in el paso, Texas. Photo by Mario Tama/Getty images

Figure 3.3 UAV and drone solutions monitoring aircraft (via

Figure 3.4 Las Vegas, NV, September 23, 2020. A DroneUp employee prepares a covid-19 test kit for delivery. Joe Cerreta, Embry-Riddle aeronautical university

Figure 3.5 Image: Wing. Https://

Figure 3.6 EUROPE: Drone Privacy Laws. (

Figure 3.7 NORTH AMERICA: Drone Privacy Laws. (

Figure 3.8 SOUTH AMERICA: Drone Privacy Laws. (

Figure 3.9 MIDDLE EAST & CENTRAL ASIA: Drone Privacy Laws. (

Figure 3.10 OCEANA: Drone Privacy Laws. (

Figure 3.11 AFRICA: Drone Privacy Laws. (


  1. UUVs, Advanced Sensors, Munitions Detection, USVs [Nichols]


Figure 4.1 REMUS 100/MK 18 Mod 1

Figure 4.2 REMUS 600 UUV

Figure 4.3 REMUS 6000

Figure 4.4 Bluefin12 BMI

Figure 4.5 Bluefin 12 Internals

Figure 4.6 REMUS 100 mission map

Figure 4.7 shows a sample RTG 1800 kHz sonar imagery of seeded point 04-M on Figure 4.6

Figure 4.8 Navigation tracks for the survey missions performed on 25 June 2011.

Figure 4.9 Example of BOSS imagery

Figure 4.10 Q-Boat 1250 designed specifically for shallow water applications

Figure 4.11 Q-Boat 1800-T Trimble Ed.

Figure 4.12 Wright brothers first flight photo

Figure 4.13 B-47 Stratojet

Figure 4.14 “Turtle”



  1. Challenging the Ammo Companies from Grass Roots [Mai]


Figure 5.1 American Revolution War era Smoothbore Musket

Figure 5.2 Composition of Gunpowder

Figure 5.3 Match Lock musket

Figure 5.4 Wheel-lock

Figure 5.5 Flint lock

Figure 5.6 Loading Steps of a Muzzle loader

Figure 5.7 Bullet position in a Muzzle loaded gun

Figure 5.8 Bullet design progression

Figure 5.9 Paper cartridge used in early breech loading guns

Figure 5.10 Early breech loader w/ fitted cartridge

Figure 5.11 Bullets w/ brass casing

Figure 5.12 Metallic cased bullet in chamber of breech loaded gun

Figure 5.13 Rifled barre

Figure 5.14 Black powder

Figure 5.15 Smokeless Powder

Figure 5.16 Rim fire vs Center fire

Figure 5.17 Shell ejection and reloading using excess gas

Figure 5.18 Modern AR-15 photo courtesy of Randall Mai

Figure 5.19 Shelves at a local gun store courtesy of Randall Mai

Figure 5.20 Online buying Courtesy of Randall Mai

Figure 5.21 N. Korean small arms manufacturing

Figure 5.22 AirForce Texan

Figure 5.23 Hatsan Big Bore Carnivore

Figure 5.24 Airgun owner First Whitetail

Figure 5.25 Coil gun



  1. Future Proof Security [Shields]


Figure 6.1: White boxing

Figure 6.1: Human Operator moves Application V to Trusted Applications


  1. Failure of Climate Change [Nichols]


Figure 7.1 The Greenhouse Effect

Figure 7.2 The diminishing influence of increasing Carbon Dioxide on temperature

Figure 7.3 Shows 45 crops with crop yield growth and cash benefit with 300 ppm more CO2 (based on 3,586 experiments on 549 plant species)

Figure 7.4 Carbon Dioxide – 600 Million Years of Data

Figure 7.5 Hubert Lamb’s temperature graph of the past 1,100 years

Figure 7.6 Mann-made Hockey Stick

Figure 7.7 Central England Temperatures (CET) from 1659-2017 and CO2 levels

Figure 7.8 10,000 years of warming

Figure 7.9 More CO2 but fewer forest fires

Figure 7.10 Severe tornadoes (F+4) are less frequent

Figure 7.11 Lowest number of tornadoes in 2016

Figure 7.12 US tornado deaths per million population

Figure 7.13 Global tropical storm and hurricane frequency is falling


  1. Nightmare Technologies [Nichols]


Figure 8.1 Censored Image The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli, 1480

Figure 8.2 Antivax Movement by Dragoes de Garagem


  1. Social Media – The Next Battleground in Information Warfare [Lonstein]


Figure 9.1 Voice of America, Dwight Eisenhauer (Voice of America, 1957)

Figure 9.2 Social Media Collage (PressureUA/iStock, 2019)

Figure 9.3 “Traditional” Information Warfare Lifecycle Model (Van Niekwek, 2011)

Figure 9.4 Christchurch New Zealand Mosques Shooter (Tighe, 2019)

Figure 9.5 Global Social Media Research Summary August 2020 (Chaffey, 2020)

Figure 9.6 Trump Initial Presidential Polling Tweet 2011 (Twitter, 2011)

Figure 9.7 TwitterGov on Deactivation of @realdonaldtrump (Twitter, 2011)

Figure 9.8 Twitter Account @realdonaldtrump December 29, 2020 (Twitter, 2011)

Figure 9.9 Trump Is Toxic – Demented April 13, 2017 (Daily Beast, 2017)

Figure 9.10 Social Media Weaponization (Raza, 2020)

Figure 9.11 Yoel Roth Tweet January 22, 2017 (Twitter, 2017)

Figure 9.12 Trump Tweet, May 26, 2020 Warning Message (@realdonaldtrump, 2020)

Figure 9.13 Trump Tweet May 29, 2020 (Twitter @realdonaldtrump)

Figure 9.14  New York Post October 14, 2020 (New York Post, 2020)

Figure 9.15 Democratization of Censorship (Krebs, Brian, 2016)

Figure 9.16 Twitter Apology New York Post October 14, 2020 (Twitter, @jack Twitter, 2020)

Figure 9.17 PACE (Littletone, 2020)

Figure 9.18 CIA Triangle (Agrawal, 2019)

Figure 9.19 Social Media RACC Threat Matrix (VFT Solutions, Inc., 2020)

Figure 9.20 Social Media Information Warfare Lifecycle (VFT Solutions, Inc., 2020)

Figure 9.21 (Restream, 2021)

Figure 9.22 Live Social Media Message Insertion (VFT Solutions, Inc., 2020)




  1. Bioterrorism and Advanced Sensors [Sincavage & Carter]

Figure 10.1 FBI WMD Investigation (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2021)

Figure 10.2 U.S. Biological Surveillance Process (Mojidi, 2019)

Figure 10.3 BioWatch Gen 2 Aerosol Collector (Mercer, 2016)

Figure 10.4 BioWatch Gen 2 Aerosol Collector (Mercer, 2016)

Figure 10.5 BioWatch Portal Snapshots Remain (by Author)