Nutrition Basics

1 Nutrition Basics

The field of nutrition is dynamic. This means that our understanding and practices are constantly changing and being updated. Some of nutrition’s dynamic nature may be due to the fact that nutrition, as a discipline, is relatively young (many vitamins weren’t isolated until the 1930s) compared to many other scientific fields. New research is always being conducted and the findings are continuously being reported to the public. With so much information, discernment must be exercised. In order to interpret these new findings, you need to understand how the research was conducted and the nutrition research hierarchy. Everyone eats, so people are going to face nutrition choices and questions on a daily basis. This section will provide you with an integrated understanding of the different forms of nutrition research and how to evaluate them relative to one another.


1.1 The Basics

1.2 Epidemiology

1.3 In Vitro & Animal Studies

1.4 Human Interventions Studies/Clinical Trials

1.5 Nutrition Research Statistics

1.6 Publishing Research

1.7 Interpreting Research


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