23 Don and Beth Kesinger Print Storage Room

By Beth Kesinger

Don and Beth smiling and standing beside the commemorative plaque for the Kesinger Print Storage area.
Don and Beth Kesinger, 2007, KSU Photo Services

The first time that my husband Don and I visited the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art was before we even moved to Manhattan. We were living in Amarillo, Texas, at the time and came to Manhattan in May of 2000 for the grand opening of Colbert Hills Golf Course. We were fortunate to be invited to an opening reception at the Beach Museum of Art, and I fell in love with the museum.

Soon after moving to Manhattan in 2002, Ruth Ann Wefald invited us to become Friends of the Beach Museum of Art. Within a few years I was asked to join the board as a Friends adviser. Since then I have served as secretary, president-elect, and president. We have also served on the KSU Foundation Board of Trustees.

Don graduated from Kansas State University in 1961 with a degree in feed technology. He was a member of the university’s golf team. We became avid supporters of K-State Athletics, the Ahearn Scholarship Fund, members of the President’s Club, and FOBMA. Don passed away in 2012.

When the new addition to the museum was proposed, we made an important contribution for a print storage room. I continue to be involved with the museum’s Friends organization and enjoy visiting the museum as often as I can.


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